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Hope Youth 

At Hope Church we believe that young people are not just the future of the church but an integral part of the body of Christ today.

Our Youth Ministry provides a safe, welcoming, and engaging space where teenagers can grow in their relationship with God, connect with others their age, discover their identity and purpose in Christ.

We aim to empower the youth, preparing them for in readiness to life and independence - as Christians- in what at times may be the challenges of the world. We seek to see young people live out their faith boldly and encounter God in their daily lives


Hope Youth 

The youth team seeks to spring forth regular encounters in God’s word and prayer. This is an exciting and empowering platform which enables the Hope Youth to receive regular, relatable, and practical devotions from Youth peers, the youth leaders and resident Pastor to usher them into the new week, month, and year ahead.


Hope Youth gatherings, meetings, and retreats:  

Teenagers are encouraged and invited to get actively involved and participate in the collective Hope ministry. Serving others is a fundamental part of our faith. Hope Youth ministry offers opportunities for the  youth to leader Hope members to serve in the church and community.

Hope Youth are encouraged to participate in leading Church services, worship sessions and at times sharing of the Word to nurture their growth, build confidence and further establish their faith. There is frequent and occasional Sunday Youth led services throughout the year, which bring fun, liveliness of the youth, and hope to all.    (BACK TO MINISTRIES)

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